Pubertal Functions from inside the Females from Qazvin State, Iran

Pubertal Functions from inside the Females from Qazvin State, Iran

Puberty is a life threatening time between youngsters and you can adulthood. Many studies enjoys reported that the fresh new imply age of nipple creativity is actually decreasing. The aim of this study were to bring up-to-date investigation into the this new pubertal development of females in order to check precocious adolescence inside the the populace.


This cross sectional study was conducted in 6 to 16 year old school girls during 2009-2010 in Qazvin. 2240 healthy girls from all geographical regions with every socioeconomic status were selected by a stratified multistage cluster design to obtain representative sample of population. A questionnaire including demographic data, anthropometric measurements, secondary sexual characteristics, menarche status and its onset was filled out for every participant. Secondary sexual characteristics including breast development (B1–5) and pubic hair (PH1–5) were evaluated according to Marshal and Tanner recommendation.


The mean±SD of height, weight, and BMI of participants was 139.7±14.5, 36.1±12.9 and 17.9±3.7 respectively. The mean age (10th – 90th percentile) of B2 and PH2 were 9.71(7.67–11.4) and 9.82 years (7.84–) respectively. Mean age of menstruation was years. The mean BMI was significantly higher in pubertal females comparing to prepubertal girls (P Keywords: Puberty Onset, Breast Development, Pubic Hair, Menstruation, Girls


Adolescence are a significant time taken between youthfulness and you may adulthood and is started centrally which have reactivation of one’s gonadotropin initiating hormonal (GnRH) heart circulation creator that people contributes to the latest pleasure off estradiol development. Puberty onset will depend on the look of nipple buds during the ladies once the nipple tissue is the no. 1 target for estradiol. Menarche always takes place in center or late puberty [1–3]. The fresh criteria to possess sexual readiness steps in people have been very first discussed by the Marshall and you may Tanner from inside the 1969 .

Regular onset of adolescence varies in various populations and there is actually many requirements comprising genetic and you may ecological products, geographical venue and diet that apply at this action [step one, 5, 6].

Many respected reports has actually reported that the new imply age breast development was coming down [5–9]. Being obese may also influence the time off pubertal initiation and you can hormones pattern .

Testing of onset of intimate invention is required for perfect translation of the hormonal and growth position into the adolescents. Federal investigation in these goals may serve as a baseline having evaluating secular manner for the pubertal development; additionally this type of investigation assists the newest thinking away from normative standards having puberty. The goal of this research would be to render current research to the the newest pubertal growth of people and to consider precocious adolescence inside the the population.

Sufferers and methods

It cross sectional studies are presented into the six so you can 16 years dated basic and you may secondary school women in 2009 to 2010 inside Qazvin – a region discover 150 kilometres Southwestern regarding Tehran that have Mediterranean weather and you may spring rains.

This research is technically entered since enterprise No. 701 at University away from Medicine, Qazvin College off Medical Sciences. The study method are approved by lookup deputy, stability committee out-of Qazvin University out-of Medical Sciences and you can Qazvin work environment from training. Composed advised agree try taken from people and their parents. In the event the a woman had no tendency to take part in the study, was excluded. And people persistent illness otherwise therapy that may affect gains and you will puberty is subject to exclusion. Healthy standing is actually outlined on the basis of record, health ideas and you will physical examination.

Complete 2270 females certainly a total of 12226 girls off public and personal universities of the many geographic places with each socioeconomic reputation was picked of the an effective stratified multistage cluster design to track down user examples of population. 12 of those had no tendency to participate; its characteristics were not rather different from anyone else and 18 lady was indeed excluded due to underlain condition or therapy.

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