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International students are entitled to not mere scholarships but fully funded scholarships in different countries.

There are scholarships available in different countries but students don’t know details about it and how to get it.

Scholarship for study abroad helps students financially who is career oriented and focused towards his/her goals.

Scholarships are one of the most important determinants for Study Abroad choices. When thinking of scholarships we recommend that you do a thorough search as there are many scholarship options available. Your host University will have multiple scholarships, specifically more so for students from Asia. Most importantly, US Universities have been very generous with scholarships in recent years. There are a lot of scholarships available in India itself that you can apply to. It’s important to note here that different scholarships have different eligibility and application criteria. You will have to be very detailed with your search to maximize your chances of landing the best possible scholarship. 

The key to grab the Scholarship is to apply early before the deadline and of course at the ‘right’ institutes. All scholarships are rewarded at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee at University.

Students with outstanding academic records, high scores on standardized exams, remarkable SOP, and extra-curricular achievements have highest prospects for scholarships.

The Study Abroad Scholarship is a Monetary Award given to the Students to help towards their financial expenses such as Tuition Fee, Travel Expenses, Books, and Lodging during their studies in Overseas.

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