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Studying abroad is an opportunity to understand and experience the whole new world after 12 years of Schooling in home country. Getting an international degree accepted in various continents is an unforgettable experience. Helps in better networking having friends throughout the world and going global. Lastly it grows your overall personality and enhances your personal growth.

MBBS in India is a highly preferred course by Science students as it is one of the most respected career options. Not only are the medical professionals well paid but it is for the practitioners to make huge differences in people’s lives. Despite India having one of the best medical colleges to study MBBS and a great market supporting the field, the number of students applying for foreign universities has increased in the past few years. Reason being, the cut-throat competition in government medical colleges and the extravagance of private institutions.

Thousands of Indian Medical students face the major problem of getting admission in medical University. Only a few students manage to clear the NEET exam for government universities while others keep on searching for alternatives in private universities. Everyone cannot afford the high donation of fees in private universities. So in such a situation, foreign medical universities which provide a solution for Indian students. Most of the International universities in specific countries are offering MBBS course and other medical programs at a very affordable price which is truly no longer the case in Indian universities.

Many countries like China, Philippines, Georgia, Moldova, Bangladesh, USA and Russia now-a- days offer high quality medical education at a very affordable fees.

The Degree (MBBS/MD) offered by these particular countries are all approved by the major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and NMC.

Advantage of MBBS :

  • MBBS in abroad provides you incredible infrastructure with advanced facilities, classrooms, laboratories, and stunning learning experiences, which helps to enhance your practical exposure and theoretical knowledge.
  • One of the prime advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad is Global Recognition.
  • Students practice their clinical rotations in some of the best hospitals in the country. Many MBBS universities abroad have their own associated hospitals, making learning easy and accessible.
  • Global exposure, extensive training, and new connections help student growth
  • MBBS in medical universities abroad don’t require any capitation fee or donation, makes MBBS Study affordable and awesome. Many MBBS universities abroad provide hostel facilities, which can cut down living expenses easily.
  • Many MBBS universities abroad don’t conduct a mandatory entrance examination as the admissions are merit-based, making MBBS Study Abroad simple and beneficial for many students.
  • Medical universities abroad use English as their language of instruction and communication
  • Due to the increasing demand and rush of Indian students, many MBBS universities abroad provide multiple facilities for Indian students, including the Indian cuisine in the menu, separate and reserved hostel facilities, and some even provide Indian teachers made abroad learning best for Indian students.
  • The medical universities in the countries like Philippines, Europe, China, Georgia are embarked on an international curriculum. These universities are approved by WHO and recognized by NMC.
  • Cost of education is around 15-25 Lakhs INR, which is less than most of the private medical institutes in India.

Where You Want To Go For MBBS?

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