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Italy is the Most Beautiful Country situated in Southwestern Europe. With the Surrounding islands, stunning old cities, the Mediterranean, and breathtaking natural views it looks fantastic and attracts Tourists from all over the world. 

Italy is famous for its huge contributions to the worlds of art, architecture, fashion, opera, literature, design, and film and the Food.

Italy has inspired several poets and artists with its natural beauty. It has produced many distinguished designers such as Versace, Armani, Gucci, Benetton, and Prada. Italy offers scrumptious food at very affordable rates and is also home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Why Study in Italy?

  • It is home to one of the first universities to be established in the Western world and has the distinction to play host to 15 out of the top 200 universities in the world.

  • Italy is the home of many prestigious universities and other institutions of higher education. Many of Italy’s universities perform well in the QS World University Rankings, such as the Università di Bologna (194), The Sapienza University of Rome (216), Politecnico di Milano (244), Università di Roma in Rome, Università degli Studi di Milano, Università degli Studi di Padova in Padua, Università degli Studi di Firenze in Florence, and the Università di Pisa in Pisa.

  • Italy is also one of the Four Countries to implement Bologna Processwhich means offering standards and quality of higher education qualifications. 

  • The courses in the Italian universities are generally designed by the academics in collaboration with the industry experts, which enhances graduate employability.

  • English is the prime medium of instruction.

  • Italian language and intensive Italian programs are taught at all levels, from beginning to advance levels.

  • Students who study in Italy can avail of FEE WAIVERS, FREE HOUSING and FREE MEAL tickets to reduce their living and studying experiences provided by the government for students who are meritorious.

  • Students can also work for 20 hours every week while pursuing their course of study in Italy and the work experience can add up to students’ resume and greatly impress the future employer.

No tuition fees, No IELTS required, FREE accommodation, 100% SCHOLARSHIP. Moreover, some Italian Universities offer scholarship programs for Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM), PhD program, Tuition Free Universities and Scholarships for International Students.

Top Universities in Italy

Plenty of top universities with an impressive international environment :

Politecnico Di Mila no
The University of Bologna
European School of Economics 
Sapienza University of Rome 
University of Macerata 
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 
University of Padua
University of Milan
University of Pisa
University of Florence


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