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Our holistic and integral experience in the international domain makes attaining your overseas dreams as easy as falling off a log. Our mission is to make this idea of studying abroad as the realistic concept, the doorstep of every aspiring student in India, by making it more affordable and easily accessible without any cumbersome procedures.

As a part of the aspirant’s overseas education journey, we take charge of everything right from advising on course selection and applications, to helping him get the right visa. Our qualified admission experts will stand up for you in taking the most important and critical decision you will ever make in your life.

Akshar Education is focused predominantly developing innovative solutions to bring Abroad Education more accessible and attainable to all categories of students.

A Cordial commitment to give our students a seamless experience and furnish the most effective procedure has been our driving force since outset and will always be. We bring in new approach to support students with a modernised level of training Strategies that reinforce students to a whole new level and also aggregates best approach towards standardized tests for abroad education. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated & personalized approach to marketing and the results it delivers.

Services We Offer

Profile Analysis

To pursuing a career while studying abroad; guidance for choosing the right country, the best university and the right course becomes the most deciding factors involving both financial and emotional backups not only of the students but also of the entire family.

We suggest with a solution which fits best for the students by carefully analyzing the profile and comparing with market demands. We provide in-depth personal guidance according to your profile, financial constraints, future aspirations, and interest.

We evaluate individual students’ strengths, weaknesses, chances and interests apart from matching it with top universities where he/she has the maximum prospects of admission. We help candidates in every step of the admission procedure until they land at the university and maintain utmost confidentiality.

University Selection

Selecting a course abroad is a crucial step for any student so, here we assist students in selecting their course and university depending upon their requirements. We at Akshar Education keep track of the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale of almost all prominent schools, colleges and universities and share the same with the student. We educate parents and students and make them aware of all the relevant academic options available.

Test Preparation

We guide our students about the requirement of academics, tests preparation such as GRE; SAT, language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. We also encourage students to involve in extra-curricular activities, community services, etc., before the deadline requirement and in turn, saving their precious time. We guide them to build a solid profile including advice on choosing an internship, extra-curricular activities and professional experience, voluntary and social activities etc., to enhance their prospects of admission in advance.

We accept that simply the best can draw out the best in you.

Assistance in Application Process

We Assist Students in filling application forms as the application form is a crucial document for students which provides the first contact with the university. We also provide guidance in filling recommendation letters, SOP Forms, and other important documents required by the university. This Application form filling may be overwhelming to the students to fill on their own and expert advice is necessary.

Financial Assistance

The key to grab the Scholarship is to apply early before the deadline and of course at the ‘right’ institutes. All scholarships are rewarded at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee at University. Candidates having excellent academics, high scores on standardized exams, impressive SOP, and extra-curricular achievements have highest prospects for scholarship awards financial assistance.

Visa Guidance

Getting a Visa Approved for Studies Abroad is a very crucial process. To avoid any future hassles or last minute issues, clients can rely on our expert guidance and avail Visa Assistance from us as we keep them updated with current changes in terms of documentation.

Every country has different process and different documents requirement for visa process. We guide you with proper information and requirements on a country to country basis. At Akshar Education, will guide you on all relevant study abroad visa requirements, including all important financial aspects and assistance with the critical issues of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy. We ensure that the documents submitted are up to date & flawless. Our experienced Visa officer moulds and guides you towards a complete visa process, with clear intentions of your visa approval.

As part of visa procedures many embassies conduct visa interviews via Phone, Skype or in person. We at Aksahr education, decipher the interview process through carefully programmed sessions in which we provide the students with requisite tools and information required. We also conduct mock sessions to enable students to practice their replies and get over nervousness and anxiety.

Forex & Travel Assistance

We help our students in getting cash trade. At Akshar Education, we ensure that our students get the best possible exchange rate. We have tie-ups with different International Banks that provide the students with Forex Card and traveler’s cheque at the time of departure. We help to choose the right flight options for a seamless journey at a competitive airfare. We try to help students avail the maximum benefits with minimum costs.


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