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Jiangxi University

JIANGXI UNIVERSITY of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JUTCM) is founded in 1959 and Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. China since its foundation, the university has been dedicated to the cultivation of students with practical and innovative talents which meet the needs of social progress and TcM development. The university’s academic approach has shown advantages in terms of the schooling paradigm in which the education of Chinese medicine is coordinated with the development of multiple discipline and demonstrates the unique integration of industry, teaching and scientific research and in this way the university is made a hub for Chinese medical education, therapeutic care and scientific research in Jiangxi Province.

About Nanchang City

‣ It is situated in Capital city of Nanchang

‣ Mountains surround Jiangxi on three sides, with the Mufu Mountains, Jiuling Mountains, and Luoxiao Mountains on the west; Huaiyu Mountains and Wuyi Mountains on the east; and the Jiulian Mountains (九连山) and Dayu Mountains in the south.

‣ Jiangxi has a humid subtropical climate, with short, cool, damp winters, and very hot, humid summers.

‣ The population is approximatly 44.57 million.

‣ The predominant religions in Jiangxi are Chinese folk religions, Taoist traditions and Chinese Buddhism.


‣ Location : 56 Yangming Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, P. R. China Postal Code: 330006.

‣ Founded : 1959

‣ Program Name : Medicine

‣ Degree Offered : Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – (MBBS)

‣ Duration : 5.5 Years(Including One Year Internship)

‣ Medium of Teaching : English

‣ Eligibility : Good English Communication. Student has to take Skype Interview. 10+2 with Minimum 50 % of marks.

‣ Requirements : Marks Sheets of 10th and 12th, Valid Passport, Healthy and Non-Criminal Record, Application and Photos.

Why Study In JUTCM

Over 50 years construction and development, the education level of the school has greatly improved; the results of scientific research are fruitful; the school-running characteristics are increasingly highlighted; and all undertakings of the school have achieved great-leap-forward development. Today’s Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a higher learning institution with distinctive characteristics in terms of the schooling paradigm in which the education of Chinese medicine is coordinated with the development of multiple disciplines and demonstrates the unique integration of industry, and scientific research. In future, JUTCM, in a spirit of audacious innovation and dedication, is striving to build a powerful high-level TCM university with distinctive features, making even greater contributions to the construction of a rich, harmonious and beautiful Jiangxi Province.


‣ In the Campus there are other major facilities available for foreign students such as a modern Gymnasium, athletic playing fields, a large supermarket, a performing arts hall, internet facilities, a bank, a local post office, a weight training gym and several restaurants and canteens which offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

‣ Advanced Tele-education combined with multimedia has also been adopted in teaching, attracting more and more students from all over the world to choose Jiangxi University

‣ offers Overseas Student Apartment to international students for on-campus hostel, providing a quiet, clean and comfortable accommodation for the overseas students. Ordinary double room is available in Medicine Overseas Student Dormitory. The rooms are well equipped with air conditioner, living room, bathroom.

‣ There are also public kitchens, laundries, reading rooms, a gym and a recreation room for activities and parties.

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