Adopting the a secure trip regarding Neverland so you’re able to Storybrooke, Mr

Adopting the a secure trip regarding Neverland so you’re able to Storybrooke, Mr

The guy requires an arduous hit if you are David brings him to help you defense

Gold seals the box in the pawnshop to store Bowl at bay. Hook informs Neal he have a tendency to back down out of going after Emma so Henry’s parents has actually a reasonable danger of taking straight back along with her. Having said that, Hook up needs an excellent distraction out-of Emma and you may unsuccessfully tries to promote Tinker Bell a glass or two, in the event she knows he needless to say wishes more away from the girl than simply one to. A yell away from external disrupts the cam, so they rush over to read the consequently they are inserted from the David and you will Emma. Whenever Emma provides the uncertainty each of them are now in it, Tinker Bell quickly denies they, regardless if Hook up pleads so you’re able to differ. The newest foursome catch-up as time passes so you’re able to experience the newest Shadow tearing out Mommy Superior’s shade. Just after regrouping on anyone else, it’s thought Bowl is at the rear of brand new assault. Hook, Neal and you may Tinker Bell go to get the newest mild and you will coconut halves on ship however, if they need to hook the fresh new Shadow once again. They just be sure to go into the vault where Regina got Henry to continue him safe, however the home was closed. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and you will Mr. Silver bring back a circulated Bowl, who is actually Henry, while the two switched regulators. Whenever Mr. Silver trips unlock the latest vault, it’s located Bowl took the fresh scroll into the Ebony Curse. (“The Neverland”)

Into Trace went, Mother Premium yields alive and hands the brand new Black colored Fairy’s wand to help you them

Mr. Gold shares with individuals of the just viable treatment for end Pan’s curse is actually for Regina, just like the modern caster of Ebony Curse, in order to undo they from the damaging the new scroll, even though there might possibly be a steep speed for this. They decide to option Henry to his personal looks therefore he’s going to be in hands of your own search and carry it so you’re able to Regina. Mr. Silver can do the latest spell, but requires a robust retailer to ensure that it to focus. Tinker Bell provides experience in a strong Black Fairy rod you to definitely Mommy Advanced remaining, therefore she, David, Link and you can Neal inquire the brand new convent nuns towards items. Brand new Shade blasts inside the since group bring shelter at the rear of new chapel pews. Link volunteers to help you disturb brand new Shade, citing their own life is at stake, but fails if the animal hits him away. Tinker Bell spends pixie soil so you can light a fire for the coconut half and you can flies to the heavens so you can trap the fresh Trace; disposing brand new are once and for all because of the burning it in a flame. After, Tinker Bell comprehends Hook’s reason for risking themselves before is for Emma. The three males reach the newest pawnshop towards rod. Immediately following Henry’s heart yields so you’re able to their own body, men but Mr. Gold works out to find the son. Having Granny’s record event, it return having your. Regina entry out after using browse and awakens that have degree of the speed having stopping the curse. He is accosted by the Dish when he takes straight back the brand new search and you may freezes them in place. The newest showdown concludes whenever Mr. Gold summons the fresh new dagger and you may stabs Bowl including himself on it; destroying they both. Following this, Regina admits the cost is all previous Enchanted Tree people tend to be sent back on their old world if you find yourself Storybrooke will go away of lifestyle. To store Henry regarding are alone, Emma actually leaves city with your and you can Regina rewrites the recollections both for of those so they disregard everything. Until then, Hook also offers Emma parting terms; proclaiming that he’ll think of their commonly. Just like the a couple cross out off Storybrooke, Regina concludes the curse out of overtaking since visitors in the area is distributed back into the fresh new Enchanted Forest. (“Going Household”)

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